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I. Read the following liner from the poem “ A Girls Garden “and answer the question. (1X4) 4
One day she asked her father
to give her a garden plot
to plant and tend and reap herself,
and he said, “ why not ? “
In carting about for a corner
He thought of and idle bet
of walled – off ground where a shop had stood,
and he said, just it
1.What did the girl want to get her from the father ?
Why did she make that request ?
Ans: She wanted to get a garden plot to plant and tend and reap herself
2. Dercribe briefly the plot of land she war given.
Ans: She war given piece of unused and walled of ground near the corner where a shop had stood
3. Pick out an instance of visual imagery used in these lines.
Ans: An idle bit of walled – off ground is an example of visual image .
4. What is the rhyme scheme followed in these lines ?
Ans: abcb
II. Prepare an appreciation focusing on father Gilligan’s devotion ( The ballard of father gilligan)
He rode now an he never rode
By rocky lane and fen,
The sickman’s wife opened the door
Father ! you come again !
And is the poor man dead ? he cried
He died an hour ago
The old priest peter gilligan
In grief swayed to and bro
When you were gone, he turned and died,
As merry as a bird
The old priest peter gilligan
He knelt him at that word

Ans: In his famous ballard WB yeats beautifully depicts father Gilligan’s character. Though weary he visits housers one after another to perform his duties earnestly. The poet gives us a very beautiful picture of an ideal parish priest who is fully devoted to his parishioners. The poet uses images throughout the poem. The rhyme scheme ab cb adds beauty to this poem. The poem is beautifull.
III. An act of Kindness can sometime convert a cruel heart. sabstaintiate the statement in the light of reading the story “ The Best Investment I Ever Made “
The narrator met a couple on the deck by chance. He did not recognise them. The man told him his story. He was working as a clerk in a solicitor’s office. He fell into bad company and spent all his savings in gambling having lost all his savings he stole some money from the office safe. As he failed in the last bet he decided to commit suicide . The land lady, police sergeant and doctor saved his life. After hearing the story the three of them decided to help the young man. The sergeant decided not to report the case, the land lady offerd a month’s free board and the doctor gave him seven pounds and ten shillings to put back in the office safe when he finished his story doctor was over whelmed with feelings and said “ The Best investment I ever Made”
IV. Prepare a write up about the article “ The Danger of a single story “
In her article the chimamanda points out a danger of a single story. The writer was the nember of conventional middle class Nigerian family. Her parents were well educated and employed. They had servants from nearby rural villages. The name of their new house boy was Fide only thing they knew about the boy was that his family was very poor. The writer’s mother used to send them yarms and rice. so she felt pity for his family …
One saturday they visited Fide’s house. Fider’s mother showed them a beautiful basket it was made by Fide’s brother. The writer was surprised. All she had heard about them was their poverty. Now she realized a danger of knowing only one side of something.
V. Prepare a review of the story ‘ scholarship jacket’
It was a tradition in Martha’s school to present a scholarship jacket to the class vale dictorian. who had maintained the highest grade for eight years. Winning this scholarship jacket was the only target in martha’s mind
But one evening she happened to hear an agreement between her history teacher Mr. schmidth was arguing in favour of maratha. He said that maratha had a straight A- Plus average and she dererved it. But Mr Boone talked for one joann whose father was on the Board and also he was very rich.
The next day the principal called her in to his office. He told her that the Board had decided to charge fifteen dollars for the jacket. Since Martha pareats were very poor she was given to her grandfather to raise. She hoped that her grand father would help her. After hearing the story grand father said that if they had to pay for the jacket, it wouldn’t be a scholarship jacket. He advised her to tell it to the principal . The principal seemed upset maratha told him exadly what her father had said. As she was about to leave the room the principal called her. He said “ we will make an exception in your case I’ll tell the board you will get your jacket.
Character Sketch of Grand Father

Vanka ‘ grandfather koustantin makarich was an old man of sixty five. He was small and lean. He was working as a night watchman. He was very funny, faithful and obedient. He loved his grand son very much vanka also loved him very much. Thus we see that grand father had a lovable character.
Character Sketch of Mr. Tharaf
Mr. Thorat was a south indian. He was a well built man with feature like a Nepali. There was an old samear on his forearm which had been caused by a tiger. He was very co-Operative. He gladly agreed to co-Operate with the shooting he was practical minded too. He suggested to tie a wire round the tiger’s neck incase it got violent. Though their first shooting failed he agreed for a second one. This reveals his gentle character.

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